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Danny McBride Returns to HBO in New Comedy Series ‘Vice Principals’

Series produced by former ”Eastbound & Down“ star and Jody Hill

“Eastbound & Down” star Danny McBride is returning to HBO with an 18-episode comedy series, “Vice Principals,” network programming president Michael Lombardo announced Wednesday.

The series — created and produced by McBride and Jody Hill, who also created HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” — tells the story of a high school and its seconds in command, the vice principals.

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Danny McBride and Jody Hill have created a smart, rowdy and unpredictable style of comedy that we can’t get enough of,” Lombardo said in a statement. “The idea of them setting their minds on high school was irresistible.”

“HBO was the perfect creative family for ‘Eastbound & Down,’ and we’re excited to pack up the van for the next adventure,” McBride added.

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“Vice Principals” is executive produced by Danny McBride, Jody Hill, David Gordon Green and Stephanie Laing, who were also executive producers of “Eastbound & Down.” The debut date and number of episodes per season have yet to be announced.

“Eastbound” concluded its four-season run on HBO in 2013.