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Darren Aronofsky, Russell Crowe Visited the Pope in the Vatican

The ”Noah“ duo led a small group to see Pope Francis give his weekly radio address, after much consternation

Tweets are the new prayers, apparently.

Last month, Russell Crowe and Darren Aronofsky spent a weekend tweeting about their desire to have an audience with Pope Francis ahead of the release of “Noah,” their new, epic take on the bible story of Noah’s Ark. For a short while, it looked as if that holy union was going to take place, but then things became muddled when a war of conflicting stories broke out in trade publications; one said il Papa had canceled, while one had Paramount — the studio behind “Noah” — denying that they were denied access to the leader of the Catholic Church.

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On Wednesday morning, the clouds parted and the truth was revealed: Aronofsky, Crowe, producer Scott Franklin and Paramount VP Rob Moore were in attendance as the Pope gave his weekly address in St. Peter’s Square. The Vatican quickly made sure to deny that there was any meet and greet, however, with a spokesperson telling the AP, “They could have been at the audience like anyone else” for the address; 80,000 people watched as Francis spoke.

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Afterward, Aronofsky issued a statement praising Francis and tying his message to one of the film’s main focuses: environmentalism.

“Pope Francis’ comments on stewardship and our responsibility to the natural world are inspirational and of the upmost importance,” he said. “When the opportunity to hear him speak in person on the anniversary of his first year in office I couldn’t miss the chance to listen and learn.”

Crowe, for his part, issued a tweet: