David Gregory Writing Book About Jewish Faith

The ousted “Meet the Press” host will share his spiritual journey in a release which may hit shelves in 2015

Ousted “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory is hard at work on a book about his “spiritual journey” through his Jewish faith.

Politico Playbook reported on Thursday that Gregory has been working with publisher Simon & Schuster since 2011, and the book will likely hit shelves in 2015.

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“We weren’t planning to announce the book until we’d set the publication date, which will be sometime in 2015, but since Playbook asked, we’re answering now,” Jonathan Karp, the publisher’s president, said in a statement. “Let me emphasize that this book has always been intended as an exploration of an aspect of David’s life that viewers rarely see in his journalistic work. The book was never intended as a memoir about his career. That objective hasn’t changed and will not change. This book will be about the inner spiritual journey many of us take in our lives. Simon & Schuster is excited and grateful to be publishing it.”

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Gregory confirmed reports that he was leaving NBC’s “Meet the Press” after six years earlier this month. Shortly after, NBC announced that NBC News political director Chuck Todd would be replacing him on the Sunday morning news talk show.