David Lynch Interrogates a Monkey in Netflix Short Film on His 74th Birthday

The filmmaker wrote, directed and edited the 17-minute short “What Did Jack Do?”

What Did Jack Do? David Lynch

David Lynch released a short film on his 74th birthday titled “What Did Jack Do?” In the Netflix short, the master of the surreal interrogates a talking monkey that may have committed murder.

The 17-minute short “What Did Jack Do?” — which Lynch wrote, directed and edited — was posted to the streamer without advance notice on Monday, and you can watch it now. It’s a goofy take on an old fashioned film noir, shot all in black and white, with Lynch himself playing a detective who grills a monkey wearing a raincoat, suit and tie.

It’s a riot from the first moment and is even funnier once the monkey named Jack opens its mouth to defend itself, a human’s lips crudely superimposed onto the monkey’s face as it speaks in a robotic tone of voice. He may know something about a chicken named Toototabon that it turns out … well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

“Are you calling me a liar,” Lynch says to the monkey. “I know why the chicken crossed the road.”

Lynch developed the film through his company Absurda. It’s his first project since a 2018 short film called “Ant Head” and the revival of his groundbreaking TV drama “Twin Peaks” that aired on Showtime in 2017. His last feature film was 2006’s “Inland Empire.”

Check out “What Did Jack Do?” via Netflix.