David Oyelowo and Storm Reid Try to Change the Future in ‘Don’t Let Go’ Trailer (Video)

Thriller originally titled “Relive” premiered at Sundance

In the new thriller “Don’t Let Go,” David Oyelowo plays a cop who gets a second chance to save his murdered niece, played by Storm Reid — when she calls him on the phone.

And in a brand new trailer for the film, which originally premiered at Sundance under the title “Relive,” we see how the two of them must work together from the present and the past to save her life — and her family.

“Believe it or not, I’m sitting right here, two weeks in the future,” Oyelowo says. “But as long as you’re alive, you can change things.”

From Blumhouse Tilt, Universal OTL Releasing and Briarcliff Entertainment, the film hits theaters Aug. 30. Jacob Estes wrote and directed “Don’t Let Go,” and Estes developed the story with Drew Daywalt. Jason Blum, Bobby Cohen and Oyelowo are all producers.

Speaking with TheWrap at Sundance, Oyelowo and Reid explained that the project was rewritten from the story about a white family living on a farm in Ohio. While the plot originally was supposed to involve a place where no one would hear a gunshot, Oyelowo came aboard the film and relocated the story to a largely black neighborhood in Los Angeles where gunshots are all too common. Watch TheWrap’s video with the director and star here.

“Don’t Let Go” also stars Mykelti Williamson, Brian Tyree Henry, Shinelle Azoroh, Byron Mann, April Grace and Alfred Molina. Watch the first trailer above.