Insider: DC Films Would ‘100 Percent’ Make an R-Rated Superhero Movie (Exclusive)

Warner Bros’ DC Films is open to following the lead of Marvel’s “Deadpool” and “Logan”

Last Updated: March 7, 2017 @ 3:07 PM

With Marvel superhero movies like 20th Century Fox’s “Deadpool” and “Logan” setting the box office ablaze with R ratings, would the home of Batman and Superman ever make a rated-R movie?

A well-placed insider at Warner Bros.’ DC Films says the answer is simple: Absolutely.

“One hundred percent yes. With the right character(s),” the person wrote to TheWrap.

Last week, Fandango conducted a survey asking moviegoers if they like their superhero films “Deadpool”-style, loaded up with sex and violence.

The answer? A resounding yes.

According to the findings, 71 percent of those polled said they want more R-rated superhero blockbusters. Eighty-six percent said they’re eager to check out “Logan” because it promises a “more violent R-rated X-Men movie.” “Logan” is the first R-rated film in the X-Men franchise.

Fandango surveyed 1,000 “Logan” ticket buyers to garner the results.

20th Century Fox minted money when “Deadpool” broke records with a massive $132.4 domestic opening weekend. The R-rated superhero pics that came before it, including “Watchmen,” “Kick-Ass,” the “Blade” movies and “The Punisher,” didn’t come close to matching that record. The most successful of the lot, “Watchmen,” topped out at $185 million globally.

Warners released an R-rated extended cut version of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” on Blu-Ray and DVD that many fans considered superior to the theatrical cut of the film. Called ‘The Ultimate Edition,”  the R-rated extended cut adds another 30 minutes, including a more brutal and bloody fight scene for Ben Affleck’s Batman.