‘Dear Edward’ Star Anna Uzele Says Adriana and Kojo’s Ending Is the ‘Most Loving Choice’

“Adriana pursuing her own dreams is the most loving thing for Kojo to give her,” the actress told TheWrap

“Dear Edward” actress Anna Uzele knows that fans might dislike the ending for her character Adriana and her love interest Kojo (Idris Debrand) in the Apple TV+ drama series’ finale episode, but she sees the love in it.

Uzele’s character Adriana Washington entered the story from the mind of Jason Katims, who adapted Ann Napolitano’s novel to create an ensemble story that also stars Taylor Schilling as Lacey, Connie Britton as Dee Dee and Colin O’Brien as Edward Adler, the titular character who survives a plane crash that killed his family and every other passenger. Adriana loses her grandmother and boss, Congresswoman Rose Washington (Lynda Gravatt), in the crash, but she befriends Kojo (Debrand), who flies to New York from Ghana to take in his niece Becks (Khloe Bruno) after her mother (and his sister), dies in the crash.

Kojo encourages Adriana to run for her grandmother’s seat in Congress, which she realizes she does want to do even after she told her grandmother she wanted to quit working for her before the crash. Adriana juggles the campaign and a budding romantic relationship with Kojo and Becks throughout the season, who sees her as a mother figure. Kojo intends to return to Ghana and take Becks with him, but Adriana wants to stay in New York. In the season finale, the two part ways.

“The ending with Adriana and Kojo might not be what a lot of people want necessarily or what they had hoped for, but what I think is so cool is that I believe it is the most loving choice for Adriana and Kojo because they have this moment where around the campfire they both realize that their lives are going in different directions,” Uzele told TheWrap. “They love each other, but part of loving someone is giving them the freedom to fly and giving them the freedom to go be who they’re they are supposed to be.”

Uzele goes so far as to say that if the two had ended up together, it would have been a “less loving” choice.

“I think if they had ended up the way that most fans want or the way you might want, I think it would be the less loving option. I think Adriana pursuing her own dreams is the most loving thing for Kojo to give her and and vice versa. So it’s a loving ending just in a different way than you might think.”

Adriana also wins her campaign despite many hurdles, such as the resurfacing of her college graduation speech and the reveal that her grandmother paid her more than some of her other employees.

“Adriana is doubted by everyone else every step of the way. She’s often the youngest adult in every single room she walks into, yet she’s the one doing the talking. She’s the one making the speech, and she’s the one calling the shots,” Uzele said.

“It makes sense the doubt surrounding Adriana, she’s the daughter of Rose Washington, people are gonna ask questions. Of course they want to know , ‘Does this nepo baby deserve to be in this room?’ But the whole journey is really her coming into her power and her realizing that her youth is not something that goes against her at all. In fact, it’s what fuels her and what gives her the energy and I think politics desperately need that youthful vigor to come in and switch things up a little bit.”

Dear Edward is streaming on Apple TV+.