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Death Star PR: ‘Alderaan Wasn’t Blown Up, It Spontaneously Combusted!’ (Video)

Indie producers look to raise $30K for web series focused on the Empire’s spin factory

Known for blowing up entire planets, subsidizing scummy intergalactic bounty hunters and trampling small forest creatures, Star Wars' First Galactic Empire could certainly use some good spin.

Enter "Death Star PR," which will be the focus of a series of webisodes if producer IndieGoGo is successful in its effort to raise $30,000 through crowd funding.

As of mid-day Wednesday, the company's resources stood at around $1,195 — a sum that might seem paltry even to the cash-strapped Rebel Alliance.

Not accounting for any angel funding that might fall out of George Lucas' chins, the producers only hope might come from the rather clever trailer they've created, which sells the concept quite nicely. Here it is: