Demi Lovato Gets Engaged to a 5-Year-Old Boy (Video)

Watch as young fan, Grant, proposes on stage during a concert in Illinois

Demi Lovato gets engaged to a 5-year-old boy
Getty Images

Demi Lovato got engaged to a 5-year-old boy over the weekend.

No, not for real — so prepare to turn that “ewwww” into “awwww.”

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The 22-year-old singer and former “X Factor” host brought the boy, named Grant, up to the stage during a show in Moline, Illinois on Saturday.

“Do you have something to ask me,” Lovato asked the boy in a video his family shot from the crowd.

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“Demi, will you marry me?” Grant said.

Lovato said yes, they hugged and the crowd went wild — especially when Grant gave his famous fiance a peck on the cheek.

Watch the video (below) for your daily dose of adorable.