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Demi Mann, Actress Who Accused Agent Cameron Mitchell of Sexual Assault, Drops Lawsuit Against CAA (Exclusive)

Lawsuit against Mitchell continues

Actress Demi Mann, who accused her former CAA agent Cameron Mitchell of sexually assaulting her, has dropped her lawsuit against CAA without any money changing hands. Her lawsuit against Mitchell continues.

Mann sued both Mitchell and the agency in Los Angeles County Superior Court in November 2017, just as #MeToo accusations swept through Hollywood. But on Thursday, an attorney for Mann and a spokesperson for CAA told TheWrap that the two sides have “resolved the litigation amicably without consideration being paid by either party.”

Mann’s attorney, Paul Philips, said the lawsuit against Mitchell is “very much alive and pressing ahead, and we have new information that dictates we turn the heat up as to Mr. Mitchell. We are fervently pursuing that course on our client’s behalf.” Philips and CAA declined further comment.

A representative for Mitchell said in a statement: “According to Mitchell and Loyst Fletcher, his attorney, the only new evidence is in Ms. Mann’s deposition, which further proves that she has continuously lied from the onset. That is why Mitchell has refused to join CAA in the settlement; he wants his day in court so that he can be fully exonerated. In addition, Mitchell and his counsel will be holding Ms. Mann liable for any potential loss of income due to the erroneous allegations and for defamation.”

But Philips said Mitchell was never offered the opportunity to join the settlement. “Ms. Mann is looking forward to putting him in front of a jury. We know who’s lying, and it isn’t her,” Philips said.

Mitchell was fired from CAA in November 2017 after Mann filed her suit.

The agent, whose clients have included Common, Nia Long, Jordan Peele, Terence Howard and RZA, said he met Mann when she approached him to represent her at CAA. She said in her lawsuit that he “discovered” her in a Culver City Coffee Bean shop in fall 2013, and that he soon promised to “set her up” on a Marvel TV show on ABC.

Mitchell said that he tried to help her as an unofficial client, setting up auditions, meetings and introductions at social events, but that she failed to make a good impression and then blamed him for her own shortcomings. He said that two days after he discussed this with her, she filed a complaint against him with CAA’s human resources department.

Mann’s account is very different. In her lawsuit, she said Mitchell gave her confidential documents that would supposedly give her an inside edge on projects and auditions, but told her there was an unwritten rule that agents only did this for clients who agreed to sleep with them.

She said he also forced her to perform oral sex on him on two separate occasions, and once drugged her when they met for a drink in West Hollywood. She said she later woke up with Mitchell naked next to her and no memory of what had happened.




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