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Why ‘Demonic’ Star Carly Pope Isn’t Afraid to Take on Projects That Scare Her (Video)

“I know you’re scared, but do it anyways and see what happens,” the actress says

If you ask actress Carly Pope what the scariest thing she’s done recently, her answers would include an improv audition, a Hallmark movie and the new sci-fi horror film “Demonic,” which opened in theaters August 20. While the idea of trying something for the first time can seem nerve-racking, Pope said her motto is: “Do it anyways and see what happens.” 

The first-time horror actress told WrapWomen that while she “loved the idea of jumping into a new genre,” she was also anxious about what parts of herself would be unlocked. Especially when it’s a film about daughter who unleashes terrifying demons after entering the virtual mind of her serial killer mother. Luckily, director Neill Blomkamp created an environment on set that made Pope feel comfortable and confident in everything she did.

“When we were shooting, an incredible thing happened. I was so nervous about what psychologically would be unleashed, but I felt like I was in the perfect state of homeostasis the entire time,” Pope said. “I credit that entirely to Neill and the way that he operates and the community that he has.”

Prior to “Demonic,” Pope said she’d undergo a period of extreme mental preparation before filming an intense scene, but this time things were different. “It’s a really disgusting process of getting yourself to this deep dark space, but in this case… there was so much harmony on the set.”

Although Pope said that taking on projects that scare her can feel like “jumping off the highest jumping board ever into a pool of rocks,” she added that sometimes your best work and most positive experiences can come from trying things that are outside your comfort zone. 

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