Did ‘Aquaman’ Director James Wan Draw Inspiration From Vincent Chase’s Movie in ‘Entourage?’

13 years ago, Adrian Grenier played Arthur Curry in the HBO series

Vincent Chase Entourage Aquaman

This weekend, James Wan’s “Aquaman” will hit theaters, 13 years after Adrian Grenier’s Vincent Chase took on the character in the HBO hit series “Entourage.” But did Wan draw any inspiration for his iteration from James Cameron’s version in the show?

“No, I’m sorry to say that to you ‘Entourage’ fans out there,” Wan, laughing, told TheWrap. “No, if anything, I probably was inspired more by Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ than his ‘Entourage.’”

In 2005, during the show’s second season, Chase is determined to make the transition into big blockbusters. James Cameron comes on board to direct “Aquaman,” with Mandy Moore playing the film’s female lead. In the show, the film bags the record for the biggest opening weekend in box office history with $116.8 million. Of course, that’s nowhere near the real-life opening record of “Avengers: Infinity War,” which earned $257.7 million its opening weekend.

In “Entourage,” Jake Gyllenhaal took over the titular role in the sequels, given Chase’s desire to make the Pablo Escobar biopic “Medellin.”

Wan’s “Aquaman,” on the other hand, stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman, and Amber Heard is his love interest/Mera. Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman also star.

“Aquaman” will hit theaters on Friday.

Stay tuned for TheWrap’s full Q&A with the director.