Did Ben Carson Fall Asleep During Trump’s Coronavirus Briefing? Twitter Users Sure Thought So

“Can someone please wake Ben Carson up?”

Ben Carson Sleep Donald Trump Coronavirus
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“Trump is telling bedtime stories, Ben Carson is falling asleep.” That’s what one Twitter user wrote Saturday while watching President Donald Trump — surrounded by The White House Coronavirus Task Force — update the country about the coronavirus pandemic.

During Saturday’s coronavirus briefing, Carson, who is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, appeared with the president and seemed, at times, to close his eyes and sway. And because he was standing directly behind the POTUS, it was impossible to miss.

“Is Ben Carson still awake,” TheBlaze’s Samantha Sullivan wondered. Another user called him “the sleepiest person in the history of sleepy people.”

While a number of people straight-up tweeted pictures they took of their television screens to prove that the one-time presidential candidate was, in fact, closing his eyes, others just mocked him.

Carson did take the podium at the briefing, reiterating the administration’s plan to halt evictions during the crisis. “The president has authorized the immediate cessation of foreclosure and eviction proceedings for American citizens, single-family, forward mortgages as well as reverse mortgages.”