Did Brie Larson Just Come Out? ‘Captain Marvel’ Star’s Online Quiz Answer Has Fans Buzzing (Video)

Larson joined YouTube roughly two months ago to interact with her fans during quarantine.

Brie Larson Captain Marvel Kimmel

“Captain Marvel” star Brie Larson has queer Twitter in a tizzy today after she posted a video of herself answering personal questions to her YouTube channel and in one answer, dropped a hint that she could be gay.

In a video uploaded Jan. 14, Larson filmed herself passing the time with internet quizzes. Her 450,000-plus YouTube followers were quick to notice that one of her answers seemed to drop a pretty huge hint about how she identifies.

One of the quiz questions reads: “You’re 10 years old, how do you spend an hour of recess?” Brie’s answer? “Searching Wikihow on the library computer for ‘how do you know if you’re gay.’”

Larson (whose real name is Brianne Desaulniers) hasn’t officially come out however. Her representatives didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Previously, Larson was engaged to musician Alex Greenwald, but the two broke it off in 2019. She has said in past interviews that she regularly refuses to answer questions in interviews about her personal life that make her uncomfortable.

Larson joined YouTube roughly two months ago to interact with her fans during quarantine.

While this wasn’t at all a definitive coming out statement, and Larson did say she picked the option she was “most likely” to do, her fans quickly got her name trending on Twitter, both to celebrate and process what some hoped to be the news that she’s part of the LGBT community.

Whether she identifies as LGBTQ or not, Larson is definitely an ally for queer fans. Last October at a Comic-Con panel with fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star Tessa Thompson, Larson made headlines when she was asked if she had any closing remarks for the panel after a random fan yelled “I just want to see lesbians,” and she replied with, “how can I top lesbians?”

Of course this pun, whether intentional or not, was too much for Thompson to ignore, and she replied, “I’m sure the lesbians can show you right after this panel.”

Besides playing Captain Marvel and being a regular fixture in Marvel’s “Avengers” franchise, Larson won an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award and BAFTA for her performance in the 2015 film “Room.” She was also awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for the 2020 virtual reality TV series “The Messy Truth VR Experience.”


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