Did Tyler Oakley Just Break an ‘Amazing Race’ Rule? Show’s Producer Tells Us (Exclusive)

Co-creator Elise Doganieri makes sense of the latest episode

Amazing Race Armenia Bertram van Munster Elise Doganieri

(Spoiler Alert: Do not read this if you have not yet watched Friday’s “The Amazing Race” episode in Yerevan, Armenia.)

As the current season of “The Amazing Race,” featuring stars from across social media, rolls along, co-creator and co-executive producer Elise Doganieri answers TheWrap’s questions about the most recent episode.

TheWrap: On tonight’s episode, we saw racers from different teams gang up to make sure that the team headed for last place stayed in last. We’ve seen this before, but tonight felt different. Tyler Oakley went hands-on to help both Matt and Scott finish the oil change roadblock, saying, “I feel like my only hope is to help Scott get through this as quick as possible, so that I may be able to somehow pass [last place contestant] Sheri.” Can you clarify the rule on contestants helping out other contestants?

Elise Doganieri: There is no rule preventing participants at a Roadblock from helping one another. They can offer as much or little help as they want to other participants. The only rule is: Non-participants may NOT help their partner [who is performing the task].

In 28 seasons, the race’s first visit to Yerevan, Armenia, introduced a non-stop colorful cast of extras: Martina the babushka-wearing baker, Edward Scissorhand-like weavers, roving janitors with a secret, prom-bus party people, a taxi driver gaggle and not one but two mat ambassadors with Phil. What did you learn on your first trip there?

The Armenian people are full of life. They were energetic, helpful and a joy to be around. They welcomed us to their country with open arms and shared with us their rich cultural history.

We’ve had these YouTube sensation dancers Matt and Dana on the show all season, and so far no dance challenge. Next week’s tease looks like the loathed/loved dance lesson challenge is finally coming in Georgia (the country, not the state).

 Georgia has a rich cultural history and it’s a country we’ve never visited before. Teams will get to dance with the Georgian National Ballet, and the ending is so exciting (and close) you won’t want to miss it.

“The Amazing Race” airs on Fridays at 8/7c on CBS.