Next ‘Die Hard’ Movie Has its Title: ‘McClane’

“We want you to get invested in John McClane more than ever before,” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says

Die Hard Christmas movie
Twentieth Century Fox

The next installment in the “Die Hard” franchise will no longer be titled “Year One,” but will bear the title “McClane,” a spokesperson from 20th Century Fox confirmed.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told Empire that the film will have a cleaner title than originally thought: “You can tell our intention by the fact that the title page we handed in says, ‘McCLANE.’ We want you to get invested in John McClane more than ever before.”

Moreover, di Bonaventura also addressed speculation that the film will focus more on a younger John McClane.

“I don’t know how you do ‘Die Hard’ without Bruce,” he told Empire. “The idea that he’s not very significant in this movie is not accurate at all. We are gonna explore John McClane in his twenties. But just as prominent is the 60-year-old version.”

Len Wiseman is directing for Fox, based on a script by Carey and Chad Hayes. In October 2015, Wiseman posted an image reading “Die Hard: Year One” on his Twitter account, sparking speculation that that would be the title for the next film.

The “Die Hard” film series revolves around John McClane, a New York and Los Angeles police detective who constantly finds himself in sticky situations. The first film hit theaters in 1988, with the last, “A Good Day to Die Hard,” released in 2013.

The “Die Hard” films have grossed $502.4 million at the domestic box office.