Disney to Adapt Stephan Pastis Children’s Series ‘Timmy Failure’ for Live-Action Film (Exclusive)

Bestselling books follow a hopeless 11-year-old detective and his sidekick, a dim polar bear

Last Updated: February 13, 2017 @ 8:41 PM

We’ve found the only kind of failure that interests Walt Disney Pictures.

That would be “Timmy Failure,” a kids literature series the studio is developing for a live-action film, one individual familiar with the project told TheWrap.

The Stephan Pastis character stars in a series of bestselling books, ones that could easily become a film franchise not unlike 20th Century Fox Film’s big-screen translation of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books.

The process has been under-the-radar on the Burbank, California, lot, set up at a production company called Newsub 87. The adaptation might well be close to shooting, considering it made Monday’s list of films eligible for a California state tax rebate.

Along with titles like the “Star is Born” update with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, “Timmy Failure” is one of the highest-paying rebate offers in the annual list, nabbing close to $5.3 million for keeping its production at home in Hollywood.

The books follow 11-year-old Timmy and his sidekick Failure, a dim-witted polar bear who accompanies him on cases. Creative team, filmmakers and cast attachments are currently unknown.

Disney is on a live-action adaptation spree, with over 15 flesh-and-blood takes on animation — the majority from their own film library — in the works. The next to hit theaters is the highly-anticipated “Beauty and the Beast,” which sees Emma Watson as Belle and “Downton Abbey” alum Dan Stevens as her furry love interest.


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