DJ Qualls and Harold Perrineau Are the Nation’s Only Hope in ‘Z Nation’ Teaser (Video)

Good luck, America

Z Nation Syfy

Zombie Nation is no longer just the name of a German one-hit wonder electro group from the ’90s — it’s also a show on Syfy. Kinda. Sorta.

In the upcoming “Z Nation,” the President of the United States is dead and there is no cure for a zombie bite. Or there might be.

In the teaser below, Hammond (Harold Perrineau, “Lost”) is tasked with protecting the only human known to have survived a Z-attack. At some point, DJ Qualls (“Road Trip”) gets involved.

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“We’ve been getting our asses kicked,” Qualls says in the below clip. “Well, today is the day that all that changes.”

Considering he plays a character named “Citizen Z,” we’re willing to bet that’s a foreshadowing speech.

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Then a guy gets his head blown off. “Z Nation” will likely be shoehorned in between “Sharknado 2” re-airings in September.

Watch the video: