‘Django Unchained’ Gets China Release After Being Pulled

Tarantino makes additional cuts to slave-revenge film

"Django Unchained" will finally get its China debut. 

The Quentin Tarantino revenge western — the first Tarantino film to get a Chinese theatrical debut — will hit theaters in that country beginning on May 12, the film's distributor Sony Pictures said.

Two weeks ago, the Chinese premiere of "Django Unchained" was abruptly canceled with officials citing  "technical reasons" for the sudden change of plans.

"There is tremendous excitement, anticipation and awareness for the film and we thank the local authorities for quickly resolving this issue," a Sony spokesman said in a statement.

According to reports, the ultra-violent film ran afoul of China's notoriously prickly censors.

Microbloggers in the country postulated that a scene in which star Jamie Foxx is strung from the ceiling and brutally tortured may have rubbed authorities the wrong way, according to Reuters.

Tarantino had already made alterations to the Chinese version of the movie, but he made additional cuts to make it more palatable to authorities, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Other movies such as "Skyfall" and the upcoming "World War Z" have made cuts or changed plot points to appease Chinese censors.