‘Doctor Sleep’ Trailer: Danny Returns to Overlook Hotel as The Shining Passes to a New Generation (Video)

Ewan McGregor’s Danny Torrance must help protect a young girl who shares his supernatural abilities

While one Stephen King adaptation from Warner Bros. is taking the box office by storm, another will soon be in theaters as the final trailer for “Doctor Sleep” was released on Sunday.

As with the first trailer for the sequel to “The Shining,” references to Stanley Kubrick’s famous film abound as Ewan McGregor’s grown-up Danny Torrance explores the abandoned ruins of the Overlook Hotel, faithfully re-created for the film from Kubrick’s original set designs.

Danny, the boy who was both blessed and cursed with the supernatural ability known as The Shining, was hunted by his father after he was driven to madness in the original story.

In the sequel’s trailer, Danny investigates the hallway where he met the ghostly twins, the door where he carved the infamous “REDRUM” with a crayon, and the bathroom where his father tried to break in with an ax. We then see him meet Abra (Kyliegh Curran), a young girl who also has The Shining and instantly recognizes that Danny has the power as well.

Abra openly embraces her powers, but is being hunted by a mysterious cult called The True Knot, which hunts people with The Shining in a quest for immortality. Now Danny and Abra must fend off The True Knot and their leader Rose (Rebecca Ferguson), and in doing so, Danny must finally come to peace with what happened during that infamous winter at the Overlook Hotel.

Mike Flanagan is writer and director on the film, with Trevor Macy and Jon Berg producing. “Doctor Sleep” hits theaters November 8.

Watch the trailer in the clip above.