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Does ‘Bad Boys for Life’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Does the long-awaited third ”Bad Boys“ movie include any bonus scenes after the credits start rolling?

Despite the 16-and-a-half-year gap since “Bad Boys 2,” despite nobody being totally sure if the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence tandem would still work, despite the January release date and somebody other than Michael Bay behind the camera — “Bad Boys for Life” just works. It’s a good movie that most everybody loves, and it’s done very well for itself at the box office. It was quite the pleasant surprise to kick off the year.

In addition to its A Cinemascore, “Bad Boys for Life” has managed to earn a 77 percent fresh rating from reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. That mark is conspicuously higher than the scores earned by the first two “Bad Boys” films combined. While I’m not a critic, I am a big fan of these movies — and I was very pleasantly surprised with how very good the new flick is.

As a new entry in an old franchise, “Bad Boys for Life” is in a weird spot. Is it the start of a revival of the franchise? Is it just one last ride for Mike and Marcus to give us some closure after we waited almost 17 years for another sequel? It’s probably too early to know for sure.

But what is not too early to know is whether the film has a post-credits or mid-credits scene. Since Marvel popularized these bonus scenes over a decade ago, films have used them in all sorts of ways, but there have been two main reasons for them: to tease a future movie in a series, or to add some fun extra jokes. For a franchise action comedy like “Bad Boys for Life,” either of those is plausible here.

So let’s get to the point of this article: Does “Bad Boys for Life” have any bonus scenes after the credits start? Well, sort of. The film does feature a postscript/stinger that comes just seconds after the credits begin. The scene comes in so quickly that you would not be able to read this article before it starts. But once that extra scene, which definitely will have you thinking about a “Bad Boys 4,” ends there isn’t anything more to stick around for aside from the credits themselves.

And hey, you should probably stick around for those, just because it took a lot of bodies to make this movie and watching the credits is a way of showing a appreciation for the entertainment you just received. But if you need to go to the bathroom or bail for other reasons, you can do so without worrying you’re missing anything after that scene early in the credits.

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