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Does ‘Birds of Prey’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Should moviegoers stick around after ”Birds of Prey“ ends for any extra scenes during or after the credits?

It’s been a long road to recovery for the DC Extended Universe after all that madness with “Justice League,” “Suicide Squad” and “Batman V Superman,” and maybe the disappointing box office performance for “Birds of Prey” shows that journey is still ongoing. But hey, at least audiences and critics like this movie, to the tune of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes — that’s three in a row for the DCEU, after “Aquaman” and “Shazam.” So it’s nice that they have a winning streak going in that sense.

While the DCEU is not currently as interconnected as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become — this current group of films has a shared backstory, but they don’t really interact with each other — this is still a franchise made up of other franchises. And if “Birds of Prey,” which has a much smaller budget than most comic book movies, manages to pull in a decent amount of money then we should be set for more Harley Quinn madness in the future — she is already slated to appear in James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” and a “Birds of Prey” sequel is certainly possible.

So it’s worth wondering if “Birds of Prey” is looking ahead to future films in the series or the DCEU in general — remember, we also have “Wonder Woman 1984” landing this summer, and it very well could end up being the biggest movie of the year. While DC movies are not typically known to have bonus mid-credits or post-credits scenes the way Marvel movies are, the last three DCEU films have adopted the practice.

So does “Birds of Prey” have a post-credits scene? The answer is yes, the film does feature a small bit of bonus content at the very end of the credits. 

However, it’s really just an extra gag and not like a secret “Wonder Woman 1984” trailer or some other kind of big tease. So if you need to leave before the credits wrap up, you can do so knowing you didn’t miss some kind of major thing. The bit is funny, though, so I recommend sticking around if you can.

I’m gonna describe the joke below. I wouldn’t consider it any kind of spoiler, but if you want to experience the joke fresh you should bail out of this article now.

So the bonus scene is not actually a scene, but rather some narration from Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) that plays over the last few seconds of the trailer.

In the bit, Harley reveals that she has a “super duper secret” bit of information that she wants to share with the audience, but they can’t tell anyone about it. And that’s because it’s a Batman-related secret.

“Did you know that Batman’s–” she says, being cut off before she says whatever she was going to say. So what was she going to reveal? Batman’s true identity? Some mean and funny insult? Your guess is as good as mine.