Does ‘Doctor Sleep’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Find out whether you should stick around after the credits start rolling

does doctor sleep have a post-credits scene
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Devotees of Stephen King have had a big year, with an absolute deluge of King adaptations hitting both the big and small screens. “It Chapter Two.” “Pet Sematary.” “In the Tall Grass.” “Castle Rock” season 2. Probably something else I’m forgetting because Box Office Mojo no longer helps when I need to remember all the Stephen King movies. And now, finally, “Doctor Sleep.”

“Doctor Sleep” takes place 40 years after the events of “The Shining,” and we see Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance,  who is plagued by the memories of the Overlook Hotel and his own alcohol abuse issues. However, he soon meets Abra, (Kyliegh Curran), who has the same gift he does. At the same time, a cult called The True Knot, led by Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) is looking for new children to kidnap for something sinister. Mike Flanagan directed and also wrote the screenplay.

So after enjoying the two and a half hours of “Doctor Sleep,” should you stick around till the end of the credits, in the hopes of seeing some kind of bonus scene? Not that we think that a sequel is coming, since King didn’t write a follow-up. But maybe, since we’re in one of the busiest times ever for adaptations of his work, they might tease some other Stephen King adaptation. Or, you know, maybe even just to slip in one more scene to haunt you when you go to bed after watching it.

Whatever rationale we might dream up for there being a post-credits scene, the answer is, unfortunately, that “Doctor Sleep” has no post-credit or mid-credit scene. Once the movie is over and the credits begin, there’s no more content for you to watch.

Of course, it’s always nice to stick around for the credits anyway, because a lot of people worked a lot of hours to bring this cursed picture to life. But if you absolutely need to bail as soon as the movie proper has ended, then you can do just that without worrying about whether you’re missing something important.