Does ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Here’s what you need to know when you’re looking to hit the bathroom after watching giant robots fight giant monsters for 110 minutes

pacific rim uprising post credits scene

The giant monsters are back to tear up the world in “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” the sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s “Godzilla”-like movie that was all about skyscraper-size robots battling skyscraper-sized creatures.

The original “Pacific Rim” was largely focused on the Jaegers, huge robots so unwieldy that they require two pilots, whose minds had to be linked together with the robot in order to drive it. The robots’ job: Battle massive alien monsters called “Kaiju” that appeared out of a portal at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to cause chaos on land. The first movie saw the portal, called the “Breach,” closed once and for all by the heroic Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) — or so it seemed. But the Kaiju are back in “Pacific Rim: Uprising.”

With two “Pacific Rim” films now out and audiences looking to get another dose of robot-monster battles, it seems there could be full-on film franchise brewing for the series. In an age of cinematic universes that tease future story installments in post-credit stinger scenes, one has to wonder: Does “Pacific Rim: Uprising” have a post-credits scene?

The good news if you’re hoping to hit the bathroom after all that giant carnage is that no, there’s no post-credits scene in “Pacific Rim: Uprising.” There is a sort of pre-credits teaser scene, though, one that shows up right at the end of the film but pops up slightly after what is actually the conclusion of the story.

Kaiju-sized spoilers beyond this point!

The scene that teases the next “Pacific Rim” sequel Jake (John Boyega) talking with the imprisoned Newt (Charlie Day).

It was Newt who turns out to be responsible for opening new Breaches to allow Kaiju to invade Earth once more. Newt turned traitor because, after he linked his brain with a Kaiju mind in the first movie, he became infected by the “Precursors,” the aliens that first created the Kaiju and who are behind the Earth invasion.

As Newt threatens further invasions, Jake shuts him down, saying the humans are looking to bring the war to the Kaiju on the home turf. There aren’t any details beyond that, exactly, but it seems the third “Pacific Rim” movie will take place on a whole other planet. Given the track record the humans have of defeating the monsters so far, though, that might be pretty dangerous for our heroes.