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Does ‘Red Notice’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Should fans stick around a few extra minutes for a little more action?

“Red Notice” has arrived in theaters, turning Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds into the delightfully begrudging buddy pairing we always knew they could be on screen. Toss in Gal Gadot, and there’s a whole lot of humor on top of the action in the film.

Really, “Red Notice” is pretty much exactly what it sets out to be. Dwayne Johnson plays John Hartley, an FBI agent hellbent on stopping Ryan Reynolds’ Nolan Booth from getting his hands on a precious Egyptian relic. They’re pretty evenly matched, with Hartley’s strength making up for Booth’s wit — that is, until they’re both played by The Bishop (Gadot).

Naturally, in an effort to best her, the men begrudgingly team up. Together, they go on an adventure across the globe, trading spiky one-liners the whole way through as they both try to prove themselves as the best in their businesses.

We won’t spoil anything here, but we will say that “Red Notice” absolutely leaves room for sequels, even going so far as to explicitly set one possibility up in its final moments. So, now the question is, is there a post-credits scene to prop up more action any further?

After all, both Gadot and Reynolds have experience in crafting those, thanks to their respective turns in the world of superhero movies. But surprisingly, the answer this time is no, there’s no bonus footage. When “Red Notice” fades to black (obviously tinged with a little red), the needle drops and the credits simply roll on.

That said, there is a quick little voiceover stinger at the very end of the credits from Gadot, but it’s nothing new. You simply hear her repeat her exit line from the prison scene at the beginning of the movie, where she struts out the door happily chiming “Don’t miss me too much! Ta-ta!”