Does ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Stay for the credits to see a heartfelt tribute

Anton Yelchin Chekov Star Trek Beyond

If you stay through the credits of “Star Trek Beyond,” you won’t get a Marvel-esque peak at the next film in the franchise. But you will see something more emotional.


The credits include a simple but tender tribute to the two “Trek” stars who recently passed away. After the Enterprise dives through colorful nebulas, a memorial message silently appears: “In Loving Memory of Leonard Nimoy.” Then, a moment later, comes a second message: “For Anton.”

The lead-up to the premiere of “Beyond” has been more muted than those of its preceding films, in part because the cast and crew are mourning Anton Yelchin, who died in an auto-related accident in June. As the Enterprise’s Russian navigator Pavel Chekov, Yelchin plays a prominent role in the new film. Chekov helps Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) find the rest of his crew after the Enterprise crash lands on a mysterious planet.

“Beyond” screenwriters Doug Jung and Simon Pegg also acknowledge the passing of original Spock actor Leonard Nimoy in the film. Nimoy reprised his role as the famous Vulcan in the past two “Trek” films, serving as a link between the original series and the reboot by interacting with his rebooted counterpart, played by Zachary Quinto.

At a fan event at Paramount Studios to promote the new film, Quinto joined Nimoy’s family in a tribute to the late actor. A street on the studio lot was renamed Leonard Nimoy Way in his honor.

Check out where Spock and Chekov rank compared to the crew members of all five “Star Trek” TV series below: