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Does ‘The Nun’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

The newest horror film in the Conjuring-verse expands on a demon’s story, but does it tease any future scary movies or monsters?

Horror fans are delving back into the Conjuring Universe with “The Nun,” a movie that dials back into the past to explain one of the spookiest creatures to do battle with the Warrens.

“The Nun” is technically a prequel to “The Conjuring 2,” filling in some of the backstory of the demonic presence called Valak that Elizabeth Warren (Vera Farmiga) and her husband Ed (Patrick Wilson) face off against in that movie. Last year in “Annabelle: Creation,” which tells the story of possessed doll, we saw another hint of the backstory, about a convent in Romania that was terrorized by the demonic nun.

The movies in the “Conjuring” universe aren’t all necessarily related, but they are all linked. And like other film universes that have developed over the last few years, they often use post-credits scenes to tease upcoming films and other potential sequels and spin-offs. So should you expect to get even more freaked out by “The Nun” and sit through the credits to see a post-credits scene?

The answer is no — lucky if you’re already a little squeamish (or need to get to the bathroom). While “The Nun” includes a scene at the end that directly connects it to the events depicted with the Warrens in “The Conjuring 2,” there’s nothing to wait for after the credits.

Even without a coda scene to hint at more movies, though, we already know the universe springing up around “The Conjuring” is going to get more crowded. Another monster-oriented spin-off movie is in the works based on the Crooked Man, a creature that appeared in “The Conjuring 2,” and there’s a third “Annabelle” movie on its way in 2019.

As for Valak, “The Nun” might be the end of the demonic nun’s stories, at least for now. The Warrens managed to condemn the demon back to Hell at the end of “The Conjuring 2,” so for the time being, at least, it’s defeated. Then again, we’re sure to see more movies in “The Conjuring” world in the future, and Valak may very well make an attempt at revenge on the Warrens — especially now that she has a backstory.