Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughters Apologize to Dylan Mulvaney for Father’s ‘Utterly Repulsive’ Comments

They say his words don’t align with Christian values

Dog the Bounty Hunter
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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughters apologized Wednesday to Dylan Mulvaney after their father, also known as Duane Chapman, launched into a tirade that included suggestions of physical violence against the transgender celebrity influencer.

“I want to offer my sincerest apologies to Dylan Mulvaney, whom my father threatened, for the irreparable harm this may have caused,” Bonnie Chapman wrote on her Instagram story, according to TMZ. “As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am absolutely horrified but not surprised by these comments.”

Dog’s daughter Lyssa also expressed an apology via TMZ for the hateful comments. She told the outlet that she does not believe these comments reflect the morals she was raised with or her father’s character, but an unproductive phone call failed to get at the reason why he said what he said.

“The comments made by Duane Chapman reflect prehistoric beliefs and do not align with true Christian values. Jesus loves everyone and would strongly denounce this non-accepting rhetoric,” Bonnie’s statement began. “It is utterly repulsive to advocate violence against our transgender community, and it is equally repulsive to invoke Jeses’ name in vain to support such views.”

Bonnie also apologized to her sister, Lyssa, who identifies as lesbian. 

“Despite our differences, I am deeply sorry that our father publicly disrespected you and your relationship,” Bonnie wrote. “These comments are precisely why I distanced myself, as hearing them in our family home from my now stepmother was the breaking point. It is mind-boggling to witness my father, who once stated he would sacrifice his life for a gay man in an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ backtrack so fiercely.”

Dog gave an interview Tuesday in which he referenced Mulvaney and the recent Bud Light debacle with threatening words.

“People playing church all led to Bud Light,” he said. “Is that right? Get that punk down. Rebuke Satan out of him and just give him a couple black eyes. That’s exactly and I mean that. If I ever see him, I’m dropping him.”