Pretend Dog @Doggeaux Mocks Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist’s War on ‘Debt’

Michael Ramirez stands accused of doing too many cartoons about the same thing

If you ever find yourself bored by Twitter, avail yourself of the extensive critique of a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner by a pretend dog.

The farcical account @doggeaux went on a tear Monday, accusing conservative cartoonist Michael Ramirez of doing far, far too many comics that feature scary things — from clouds to tidal waves to hurricanes — representing the concept of “debt.”

Michael Ramirez’s Twitter bio describes him as “a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Reuben winner and Nationally syndicated Editorial cartoonist with Creators.” Ramirez won his Pulitzers in 1994 and 2008.

@Doggeaux’s bio, meanwhile, describes the cuddly creature as “syndicalist shiba inu typing tweets with my paws!!! orange county!!! future history major!!! pet me gently!!! red blooded!!!! only good takes here!!!! ⚣!!!”

@Doggeaux’s bio also includes a flag of Vietnam.

Ramirez did not respond to requests from TheWrap for comment. But given the number of cartoons he’s drawn over the years labeling frightening things “debt,” he seems unlikely to be bothered by the criticism.

Here are some of the tweets from @Doggeaux.

There’s more on Twitter. To see more of Ramirez’s cartoons, several of which do not mention debt, click here.

Whether or not you like his politics, you have to admit the guy can really draw.