Dolph Lundgren Subs for Arnold Schwarzenegger in First ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’ Trailer (Video)

The original film starred Arnie as a police detective posing as a grade-school teacher

Dolph Lundgren takes over Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s old role in the first trailer for “Kindergarten Cop 2.”

The sequel, hitting theaters 26 years after the first film’s release, follows an FBI agent (Lundgren) who goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to hunt down stolen data. Agent Reed finds himself overwhelmed with the 6-year-olds, whom he says “can smell fear.”

“They are little monsters!” Reed says after his white shirt gets stained with ink when all hell breaks loose at school.

The original “Kindergarten Cop” followed a police detective who poses as a kindergarten teacher to expose a drug dealer.

The sequel also stars Bill Bellamy and is directed by Don Michael Paul. It’s set for a May 17 release.

Watch the trailer above.