Don Johnson Says ‘We’re Kicking Around Some Thoughts’ About a ‘Miami Vice’ Reboot (Video)

And no, this wouldn’t be the one Vin Diesel developed for NBC back in 2017

If you’re a fan of the 1980s and of wearing sport coats over brightly colored t-shirts, then we’ve got some good news for you. On Tuesday, actor Don Johnson told ITV “This Morning” hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that “we’re kicking around some thoughts” on a potential “Miami Vice” reboot.

Quick, Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) — go pick up your dry-cleaning from 1987.

And no, Johnson wasn’t talking about the “Miami Vice” reboot Vin Diesel and Chris Morgan had in development at NBC in 2017. That one, which had a script from Peter Macmanus (“The Mist”), is no longer in the works, a person with knowledge of its development told TheWrap.

“Amazingly enough, it’s come back around,” Johnson said of his classic undercover-detective drama. “It seems they’ve run out of ideas for good shows.”

Touché: Johnson also has a “Nash Bridges” revival in the works at USA Network.

“Nash Bridges” originally aired on CBS, while “Miami Vice” was an NBC show.

Johnson was there to promote his new murder-mystery movie “Knives Out,” which co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Toni Collette and Daniel Craig. That ensemble movie opens stateside on Nov. 27.

Should this “Miami Vice” reboot actually come to fruition, it would follow in the footsteps of a 2006 film adaptation of the TV series. The Michael Mann-directed movie starred Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx.

Watch Johnson’s ITV appearance via the video above. The “Miami Vice”-specific chatter starts in earnest right around the 5:30 mark.