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Don Lemon Has Eyes On Launching a Bill Maher, Chelsea Handler-Like Show (Video)

”I will probably get out of traditional news and become like a Bill Maher…a news show almost the way Chelsea Handler did her show“ CNN anchor says

CNN’s Don Lemon, who joined the winners’ circle in TheWrap’s 2015 media winners list, is eyeing his eventual post-CNN career, hinting at modeling an opinion-based show after the likes of Bill Maher and Chelsea Handler.

In a video interview with TVNewser, the CNN anchor talks about his desire to host a show that gives him more freedom to express his opinion without the journalism police coming after him.

“At some point I will probably get out of traditional news,” Lemon said, invoking Bill Maher as an example of the type of show he’d like to host.

Lemon cautioned that doesn’t necessarily mean a liberal-bent program, but instead one with a point of view, like a “Jon Stewart or Trevor Noah, but not so focused on the comedic part of it,” he said.

He also pointed to Chelsea Handler as an example format, with a panel and the ability to drop F-bombs so he can give his opinion “without everyone screaming, “You can’t do that as a journalist!”

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