Donald Glover Shares Lifelong Love of Lando Calrissian and ‘Star Wars’

The “Atlanta” star took home two Golden Globes Sunday

If Donald Glover still has any of his “Star Wars” action figures, now he has two Golden Globes to go along with them.

Glover had a very big Sunday: “Atlanta,” which he created, won a Globe for best musical or comedy TV series, and he won for best actor in a musical or comedy show. Glover talked backstage with TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly about his next major role — playing the young Lando Calrissian in a “Star Wars” spinoff centered on a young Han Solo.

“Lando’s a big deal to me,” Glover said. “It was literally the first toy I ever got.”

Lando, originally played by Billy Dee Williams, first appeared in “The Empire Strikes Back” and played a key part in “Return of the Jedi.” Now Glover dons his blue cape — or at least whatever Lando was wearing before “Empire.”

“It’s hard, because you want to live up to their expectations, but all you can really do is live up to your own,” Glover said.

Glover, who also has a thriving rap career as Childish Gambino, began his Hollywood career as a writer for “30 Rock” before moving on to play Troy in “Community.” On FX’s “Atlanta,” he plays Earn Marks, a Princeton dropout trying to make it as a music manager.

Matt Donnelly contributed reporting to this article.


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