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Donald Sterling’s Apology a Slam Dunk for Comedians

See what funny people Kathy Griffin, Albert Brooks and Dax Shepard had to say about the Los Angeles Clippers owner’s Mea culpa

Donald Sterling’s so-called “apology” for his racist rant appears to have only gotten him in hotter water with the media. But the 80-year-old Los Angeles Clippers owner is still considered a gem by another class of social commentators: comedians.

“Oh, Donald Sterling, u do give 2 the community…[of] standup comedians,” Kathy Griffin tweeted in response to Sterling’s Anderson Cooper interview that aired Monday. “Thank you 4 ‘helping to feed & clothe’ my act.”

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While media outlets Salon and Deadspin covered Sterling’s most recent verbal assault on “holy” Magic Johnson  by pointing out the obvious damage Sterling had done to his already tarnished reputation, comedians did what they do best and cracked the best jokes they could fit into 140 characters or less on Twitter.










But there was one person who wasn’t laughing: