Donald Trump Admits His Presidential Campaign Has Been ‘Childish’

And staying true to form, GOP candidate blames his behavior on his opponents


Donald Trump may have refused to apologize for any of the controversial or offensive statements he has made throughout his presidential campaign, but at least he admitted this week that he has acted “childish” in his quest to become Commander in Chief.

When CNN’s Erin Burnett asked about his temperament on Monday, Trump responded, “Probably is a little childish.”

Still, he had an excuse: “But you know what? This is a campaign.”

The GOP candidate went on to defend his campaign strategies by stating that his attacks on other candidates stem largely from how they treat him.

“I’m responding to them. I’m a counter-puncher,” said Trump. “For instance, Walker was very nice to me. All of a sudden, he hit me and I hit him back. All of these guys. Rubio was very nice to me, couldn’t have been nicer. All of a sudden a week ago he started hitting me.”

Trump has not only gone after his competitors in the primary election, but in recent weeks has also made comments about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her “damaged” and “Deleter Of The Free World” — a reference to her deleting emails and erasing her White House email server.

And Trump took advantage of the opportunity to slam Clinton during his interview with Burnett, too.

“We look at the job that Hillary did as secretary of state — she goes down as perhaps the worst secretary of state in history and when I run against her evenly in the polls, I’m doing very well against Hillary and beating her,” Trump said.

On Monday, Trump announced his new tax plan, in which he proposed eliminating income taxes for the middle class and most other Americans.

“It’ll simplify the tax code, it’ll grow the American economy at a level that it hasn’t seen for decades,” he said during a press conference.

A new NBC/WSJ poll shows that Trump and Ben Carson are very close top contenders for the GOP nomination, while Clinton is still leading poll numbers from Democratic voters, but Bernie Sanders is on her tail.

CNN poll from Monday claims that Clinton would beat Trump if the general election were held today.