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Donald Trump Bought John Deere Stock Before His Weird Super Tuesday Endorsement

Trump wants Caterpillar and John Deere products to build a border wall

Donald Trump has very specific opinions about the kinds of tractors he wants to be used to build a wall with Mexico.

Yes, Trump expects Mexico to pay for the wall — but not to choose the types of tractors used for the job. He said in his Super Tuesday speech from his Mar-a-Lago estate that he wants Caterpillar and John Deere tractors to be involved.

He believes in the latter company so much that he bought stock in it in 2012.

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It isn’t the first time he’s endorsed John Deere. He also talked up their tractors in a January visit to Iowa, according to The Guardian.

“In all fairness Japan is doing great. You look at Komatsu tractors, they’re doing great. Doing a big job on John Deere. You know, I am one of John Deere’s biggest customers.”

Hear that, Ted Cruz? Don’t go accusing Donald Trump of having New York values. He knows about tractors.

Is it self-enrichment for Trump to praise a product in which he owns stock? John Deere potentially benefits from Trump’s primetime praise. And Trump owned stock, at least as of three years ago. Presidents are generally encouraged to put their holdings in blind trusts to keep them from favoring certain companies.

But then again, hey: It’s Donald Trump.

Why Trump’s kind words for Caterpillar? Maybe he’s trying to make up for the time he said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the United States was in so much trouble people were buying Komatsu tractors instead of Caterpillars.