Donald Trump Credits Larry King With His Success: ‘You Had a Lot to Do With It’

GOP frontrunner also explains why he’s not more compassionate on the campaign trail

Larry King has had a big impact on Donald Trump’s success, the candidate says.

During an appearance on the podcast King co-hosts with his wife Shawn, “Back and Forth,” Trump told the former CNN host that his show “Larry King Live” played a huge role in his career.

“It was — maybe you’re the one that really — you had a lot to do with it,” Trump said. “Because, honestly, Larry the show — there was nothing like what you did. And it was such an important show and I was on so many times, and it really had a big impact, I think, on what I’m doing right now.”

While the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host dodged questions about border control, King had Trump address other issues including his comments about Jeb Bush and 9/11, free college tuition and the qualities that set him apart from the rest of the candidates.

When Shawn revealed to listeners that the Republican presidential candidate has a compassionate side not seen on the campaign trail, Trump explained why he hides that part of himself from public view.

“Maybe I wouldn’t be doing as well in the polls,” he said. “I think I am a nice guy. I love people and, you know, love you guys. You’re fantastic and always have been. But I think it’s really about competence now.”

The Trump interview is featured in the episode of the podcast set to be released on Monday, Oct. 26.