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Fox News’ Doocy Pushes RNC Chair on Trump Not Wearing Mask: ‘I Don’t See Any Downside’ (Video)

Doocy lamented Trump not setting ”a good example“

Fox News’ Steve Doocy pushed Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on President Donald Trump’s refusal to publicly wear a face mask Tuesday, saying he couldn’t see “a downside” to the president being “a good example.”

“It would make him look as if he’s taking it serious and is listening to the CDC because they’ve made it very clear — and I know he’s tested all the time — but the masks work,” Doocy said of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on how to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

McDaniel, appearing on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” insisted that Trump has, in fact, worn a mask and is responsible for “fast action” that slowed the spread.

Trump, however, has refused to be seen in a mask on multiple occasions. In May, the president visited a factory in Michigan amid speculation over whether he would decline to publicly wear a mask, which he has done in the past in spite of recommendations from his own administration.

He ultimately appeared at the plant with no mask, claiming he wore one “in the back area” but removed it because he “didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.”

The president declined to wear a mask at his Tulsa rally earlier in June. Many of the attendees also did not wear masks. He also appears at White House press conferences without wearing a mask.

Doocy pushed back on McDaniel, “More states every day are mandating people, their citizens, to wear masks and I think that if the president wore one it would just set a good example. He’d be a role model. I don’t see any downside to the president wearing a mask in public.”

McDaniel insisted “he has done that.”

Watch below.