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Donald Trump Freaks Out on Twitter During Obama’s DNC Speech

POTUS clearly did not like Obama’s speech as much as Democrats did

Barack Obama got rave reviews from supporters for the rousing speech he gave Wednesday night at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. But of course, not everyone fell in love with it. Donald Trump, for example.

Trump responded to Obama’s speech as it happened, tweeting several times, angrily and in all caps, about his predecessor– who took many, many shots at Trump during the speech. Trump, seemingly not happy about those insults coming his way, whined about it on Twitter as he usually does.

First came this one.

Trump and his surrogates love to trot this one out. But Obama didn’t spy on anyone, and the FBI didn’t wiretap Trump, despite his claims to the contrary.

Then Trump brought out this one.

This represents a lack of understanding of how politics work in the United States — former presidents just do not endorse anyone in their own party’s presidential primary, because such an endorsement would hold too much sway.

In this clip, Trump says over and over that Obama did a bad job as president, but doesn’t say what he was bad at.


This one, which was directed at Kamala Harris, refers to a moment during one of the primary debates in which Harris specifically said that she did not think Joe Biden was a racist, but which conservatives have been regularly claiming is a clip of Harris calling Biden racist.

In any case, the third night of the Democratic National Convention was a robust one. In addition to those speeches by Harris and Obama, we also got heartfelt comments from Gabrielle Giffords, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Thursday night will bring the DNC to the close after four days, with Joe Biden delivering his speech formally accepting the Democratic nomination for president. It’s scheduled for the same window of time as each of the other nights, from 9 p.m. ET to 11 p.m. ET, though it’ll probably go over time. You’ll be able to watch it in all the same places, like YouTube and pretty much all social media services, as well as TV news channels.