NY Daily News Depicts Donald Trump as ‘Mister Softie’ for Backing Off Hillary Clinton (Photo)

Depiction of President-elect as a giant ice cream cone is response to softened positions on climate change, the electoral college and overall opinion of the New York Times

Donald Trump dictionary electoral college
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The New York Daily News called President-elect Donald Trump “Mister Softie,” complete with an image of his hair swirled like an ice cream cone on the cover of Wednesday’s paper.

The Daily News has attacked Trump throughout the election cycle. The latest nickname is a result of Trump flip flopping on several positions during Tuesday’s on-the-record meeting with the New York Times.

Trump softened his positions on climate change, sending Hillary Clinton to jail, the electoral college and his overall opinion of the Times during his trip to the Paper of Record’s Manhattan headquarters.

The Daily news has a history of bashing Trump, and even called him “dangerous” last April. The paper also mocked Trump’s skin tone with the headline “Code Orange” and a cover image of Trump turning into a giant orange fireball, and once called him “anti Christ.”

Meanwhile, Trump shocked the world to upset Clinton earlier this month and is scheduled to move into the White House on Jan. 20.