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Jimmy Kimmel Grills Donald Trump on Proposed Muslim Ban: ‘Isn’t It Un-American?’ (Video)

“These people — they did not come from Sweden, OK?” GOP frontrunner fires back while talking terrorists

Donald Trump sparred with Jimmy Kimmel over the GOP frontrunner’s proposed ban on admitting Muslims to the U.S. The billionaire businessman stood firm on his position, though he did admit that some of his Muslim friends aren’t thrilled with him at the moment.

“Isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?” Kimmel asked his Wednesday night guest.

“These people — they did not come from Sweden, OK?” Trump shot back.

While not all of his buddies are pleased with the notion, Trump swore that he got “thank you” calls from “so many people” over his divisive announcement.

“They’ve called and said, ‘Donald, you’ve done us a tremendous service,'” Trump stated.

“Those may have been crank calls,” Kimmel suggested. The ABC studio audience enjoyed that.

Watch the video above, and check out another clip from Trump/Kimmel here.