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Twitter Mocks Donald Trump Jr Emails With #DonJrChildrensBooks: ‘Greed, Eggs, and Scam’

Email shared by president’s son launches new round of Twitter hashtag ridicule

Every time another embarrassing headline for Donald Trump appears in the news, his critics seem to be right there on Twitter to make jokes about it with a hashtag.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted an email exchange in which he discussed arranging a meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information about Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign. Now, left-wing tweeters are joking about it by adding puns incorporating famous children’s books with the hashtag, #DonJrChildrensBooks

Add this to a long list of anti-Trump hashtags that have popped up since the election, including #25thAmendmentNow and #TieGate.