#Tiegate: Donald Trump Savaged on Twitter for Not Knowing How to Wear a Tie

Photo reveals president-elect uses Scotch tape to secure his necktie

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President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act, named the former head of a website many regard white supremacist one of his top advisors and has more potential conflicts of interest than any other president in modern American history. Also, he ties his neckties improperly.

On Thursday, a photo from Trump’s visit to the Indiana company Carrier revealed that the president-elect uses tape to secure his necktie in place rather than using the built-in loop on the back. The photo began making the rounds on social media Thursday accompanied by the hashtag #tiegate, eliciting jokes from users up in arms about the his fashion.

A mocking piece from GQ writer Jake Woolf titled “Trump’s Tie Is Held Together with Scotch Tape, Not Unlike Our Fragile Democracy” was published on Thursday, and seems to have coined the name #Tiegate for the photo. The piece chastises Trump for using the wrong knot and for not wearing a tie bar, which Woolf calls “a GQ essential if there ever was one.”

“It takes longer to tape your tie than it does to simply do it the right way, so this isn’t a good use of his time. As a man who is almost never seen without a tie on and who sells ties with his name on them, you’d expect him to know better,” he wrote.

The meme-ification of Trump is nothing new. #Tiegate follows a photo from August of the then-candidate eating KFC with a knife and fork that was roundly mocked on social media. There was also the shot of Trump appearing to look over his wife’s shoulder at the voting booth. A few days ago, it was campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s “working hard” photo. Then it was potential secretary of state candidate Mitt Romney’s apparently miserable dinner with Trump.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported on Friday that the incoming president of the United States owns millions of dollars in stock in oil firms and financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs, all of which have business before the U.S. government.

See the snarky tweets about Trump’s tie below: