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Donald Trump Jr: You Don’t Have to ‘Lose Gracefully’ in Politics (Video)

The former president’s son said losing gracefully is ”not really a plan that [he] would go with“

Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday night advised Republicans that it’s not a necessity to “lose gracefully.”

“There’s no natural pushback. The Republicans aren’t willing to do it. They’ve shown that over the decades. They’d just rather lose gracefully, I guess. That’s not really a plan that I would go with, but it’s what they’ve done. Donald Trump has shown that you don’t have to do that. You can actually push back,” he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who worried about Democrats’ legislative successes in recent weeks.

Trump went on to defend his ideas about not losing gracefully, insisting that there is no “even playing field” for conservatives while he addressed Hannity’s massive primetime audience.

After losing the election in November, the elder Trump spent his final months in office pushing baseless claims of election fraud. Over 60 lawsuits were filed and failed and voting machine companies responded by suing Trump’s talking heads for defamation.

Then-president Trump maintained these baseless theories through December and into January when, on the 6th, a group of his supporters breached the Capitol during the congressional session meant to certify President Joe Biden’s win. At the end of the riot, five people, including one Capitol police officer, were dead. Two more officers died by suicide in the days after.

Watch the younger Trump dismiss the idea of losing gracefully below, via Fox News.

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