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Trump Says Bloomberg Had a ‘Bad Night,’ Gets Told He Wasn’t Even on New Hampshire Primary Ballot

Numerous reporters used the president’s tweet to remind followers that Bloomberg wasn’t in the running in New Hampshire’s Tuesday primary

President Donald Trump mocked Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg Tuesday, tweeting that the former mayor of New York City had “a very bad night” and calling him “Mini Mike.”

Trump’s tweet came as results from the New Hampshire primary were being discussed across Twitter and cable news, but Bloomberg wasn’t actually on the ballot in that state. Numerous reporters, like CNBC’s Christina Wilkie and local DC anchor Jim Lokay, were quick to point that fact out.

Earlier in the day, Trump and members of his re-election campaign went after Bloomberg for old audio wherein he discussed the “stop and frisk” policy of the NYPD. The president and his team members labeled Bloomberg as being racist in a series of tweets.

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders also spoke out against Bloomberg Tuesday night, telling Fox News viewers the billionaire would “have serious problems with women, with African Americans,” because “his record, his language is offensive and atrocious.”

“Then again,” she said, “maybe he can buy the DNC just like Hillary did and steal it from Bernie like they did in 2016.”

Her criticisms about Bloomberg’s potential ability to “buy” the nomination mirror those of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won the New Hampshire primary. Over the weekend, he castigated his opponent, saying Bloomberg is “part of the problem” and doesn’t have the right to skip traditional campaigning to buy the election.

Watch Sanders’ interview below: