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Donald Trump Presidential Run Sparks #WhenTrumpIsElected Twitter Predictions

”He will be busy securing a border across the South, while Americans are busy escaping across the one to the North,“ writes one user

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lead in the polls is causing some concern among Twitter users.

The hashtag #WhenTrumpIsElected started trending on Monday, with users offering their best predictions for what effects the potential election outcome might have on the country.

“The bald eagle will no longer be bald,” wrote one Twitter user beside a photo of a bald eagle, Trump’s hair Photoshopped onto its head.

Users also had ideas as to who would form Trump’s cabinet. “Say hello to your next Secretary of State,” wrote @Diane_7A next to a picture of Hulk Hogan, who recently made headlines when audio surfaced of him repeatedly using the N-word.

“This will be his VP,” wrote @deelight360 with a picture of the famously hated King Joffrey from HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

See some of the best tweets below: