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New Vegas Odds: Trump Won’t Finish First Term After Wacky Press Conference

Want to make $100? Bet $130 that we have a new president before Inauguration Day 2021

Las Vegas no longer favors Donald Trump to actually make it a full four years as leader of the free world.

Popular online bookmaker Bovada changed its prop betting lines following Thursday’s somewhat unhinged press conference by the President of the United States. The odds are now that we’ll have a new Commander-in-Chief before Inauguration Day 2021.

If you disagree with that notion, place your bets — you may never do better than even money.

Below are the new lines as of Friday morning.

Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS?
Yes      EVEN   (1/1)
No       -130      (10/13)

Basically, those numbers mean one can bet $100 to win another $100 on the affirmative. For the “No” bet, one would have to wager $130 to win $100. That means Bovada’s experts believe Trump won’t see this term the whole way through.

Those lines are in contrast to where Bovada had them just last week. Here’s what the future looked like a mere nine days ago:

Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS?
Yes        -275     (4/11)
No        +180     (9/5)

And back on Nov. 17 last year, Trump was 1-to-3 (-300) to make it a full term. At the time, he was 5-to-1 (+500) to straight-up get impeached. While hope clearly isn’t high, change comes quickly in this administration.