Donald Trump Says ‘Ask the Gays,’ Gays Make Him Immediately Regret It on Twitter

Users make it clear whom it is they think is a better ally to the LGBT community between Trump and political rival Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Atlanta
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Donald Trump said he is a better ally to the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, and was quickly rebuked on Twitter.

At a rally in Atlanta, the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee took Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to task for accepting donations to the Clinton Foundation from countries with anti-gay laws, including Saudi Arabia. He pointed to this as evidence that she is not a “friend” to the LGBT community, as he is.

“Ask the gays what they think and what they do, in, not only Saudi Arabia, but many of these countries, and then you tell me: Who’s your friend, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?” he said.

“Ask the gays” quickly became the day’s meme as Twitter users jumped at the chance to respond with a collection of GIFs and videos, making it clear that “the gays,” as Trump calls them, would rather not associate themselves with the business mogul.

Read the backlash below.