Donald Trump Slammed by Queen Guitarist for Using ‘We Are the Champions’

Brian May says group is “taking advice on what steps we can take” after presidential candidate uses their classic tune

Last Updated: June 9, 2016 @ 12:26 PM

Donald Trump is no champion, as far as Brian May is concerned.

Queen guitarist May has put presidential candidate Donald Trump on blast for using his group’s iconic tune “We Are the Champions.”

The guitarist asserted that the group never gave permission for use of the tune, and is “taking advice on what steps we can take” to prevent it from happening again.

“I’ve had an avalanche of complaints — some of which you can see in our ‘LETTERS’ page — about Donald Trump using our We Are The Champions track as his ‘theme’ song on USA TV,” May wrote on his website Wednesday. “This is not an official Queen statement, but I can confirm that permission to use the track was neither sought nor given. We are taking advice on what steps we can take to ensure this use does not continue.”

On Tuesday, after locking up the remaining Republican primaries, Trump took to the stage accompanied by the classic rock anthem.

But May assured that Queen has a no-politicians policy when it comes to the group’s music.

“Regardless of our views on Mr Trump’s platform, it has always been against our policy to allow Queen music to be used as a political campaigning tool,” May wrote. “Our music embodies our own dreams and beliefs, but it is for all who care to listen and enjoy.”

May is far from the first musician to take issue with Trump using his music. Artists such as the Rolling Stones, Steven Tyler and Adele have complained that the GOP candidate has used their music without permission.


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