‘Split 2’ Starring Donald Trump? Jimmy Kimmel Imagines an Even Crazier Sequel (Video)

President of the United States fills in for James McAvoy’s character

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller “Split” stormed the domestic box office over the weekend with a $40 million debut, and Jimmy Kimmel is already imagining the sequel.

Except in the ABC late-night host’s version, James McAvoy’s character with 23 personalities doesn’t return to kidnap more girls, President Donald Trump takes over.

The parody trailer plays up President Trump’s many flip-flops over the years, including his stance on abortion and praise for Hillary Clinton as a “good woman” before campaigning against the Democratic presidential candidate he famously called a “nasty woman.”

Kimmel’s “Split 2” incorporates footage from Trump’s TV appearances in interviews and at rallies to make the 45th POTUS look bonkers.

Watch Trump go “bing bing, bong bong, bing bing bing” in the video above.